Engineering Insurance

The Engineering industry has its own, very specific, requirements when it comes to insurance. With more than 25 years of experience insuring commercial ventures and the engineering trade, MTP Insurance can help you find just the right cover.

Engineering itself is a broad spectrum and can include everything from construction Works in the civil engineering field through to running and repairing plant machines and, increasingly, running and repairing computers. The field itself spans many sub sectors and it’s important to make sure you’re properly covered for every eventuality.

On a big building site, no matter how conscientious the health and safety men are, there’s always a chance that something can go wrong. That can be material damage, broken machinery or, worse yet, an employee or even a member of the public can be injured. Of course money is the last thing on anyone’s mind when the accident happens, but without proper insurance then a small incident can son escalate into a full blown disaster.

Even broken machines or bad weather can cause serious problems as downtime on a major engineering project can send costs skyrocketing as whole teams stand down yet must still be paid for. It’s a relief to know, in such circumstances, that your insurance company has got your back, especially if you’re the engineer held responsible for a whole site shutting down.

So if you want insurance for a building project, plant works or even for your factory, MTP Insurance can help with everything from buildings and contents insurance through to public liability. Don’t leave anything to chance, come to us for the best cover in the business.

MTP Insurance works with the biggest names in the insurance industry and has access to thousands of packages that have served the engineering world well for decades. In fact we have exclusive rights to many offers, so you won’t be able to beat our price, if you can there’s a good chance we’ll meet and beat your quote in certain instances.

We’ve built our name on excellent prices, fantastic customer service and fast response when the chips are down. Our claims centre is manned by highly-trained specialists 24 hours a day and they’re on hand to provide calm, measured advice and to help you control the situation and minimise damage and lost earnings with fast, decisive action. You only know how good your insurance company truly is when you have a problem and our customers know that we’ll keep a cool head and try to help at every step of the way.

So if you want the best in the business watching your back, contact MTP Insurance today.