Nursery Insurance

Running a nursery can be one of the most rewarding jobs there is as you take care of children and prepare them for the outside world. You’ll get to shape tomorrow’s future and enjoy working with children on a daily basis. 

But it is also a position that is full of responsibility and you simply have to have the right level of insurance when you’re taking care of other people’s children. Parents are obviously protective, children are accident prone and even the most well run nursery will have the odd mishap, it’s the way of the world. So if you run a nursery and you want to know just what we can do for you, contact MTP Insurance today to see how we can raise your cover and lower your premium.

MTP Insurance has been in business for more than 25 years and we specialise in the commercial sector. We work with the biggest names in British insurance, so we have endless packages to give you the most cost-effective solution, as well as exactly the right level of cover. We’ve built our name around value-for-money, excellent customer service that goes above and beyond your expectations and fast response when you need us most.

Because you only really know how good your insurance company is when you need them. Our 24-hour claims helpline is always manned by trained claims advisers that can calmly deal with your problem before it develops into a major crisis.

We offer all levels of cover, from simple buildings and contents insurance through to full public liability and we know you won’t want to skimp on the cover when children and protective parents are involved. Public indemnity insurance is part of the package, as well as accident liability, and you can even choose to insure a minibus and computer equipment as part of your policy.

We can tailor a quote specifically for you, depending on your unique requirements, or help guide you through the existing packages that our years of experience tell us work well with other nurseries around the nation. We can also look at your existing cover and show you how we can improve upon the level of reassurance and the price.

So contact us today for a quote and from that point on you can focus on the children and rest safe in the knowledge that MTP Insurance is taking care of you.