Professional Indemnity Insurance

Whatever your profession, if you give out advice, you’re a publisher or if you’re carrying out repairs in someone’s home, you need to make sure you’re covered with professional indemnity insurance. So if you currently aren’t covered or want a better deal then MTP Insurance can help you sleep easy with an instant quote, so call today.

Our professional indemnity packages cover a wide range of professions. Accountants, publishing companies, interior designers, health and safety consultants and more have turned to us for professional cover. If there’s a chance someone could make a claim against you for negligence, malpractice or simply the quality of your workmanship, then you need to cover your back and make sure you don’t end up facing a massive bill for a small mistake.

MTP Insurance has been in business for more than 25 years and we’ve built our reputation on premiums that make the competition look expensive, great levels of cover that go above and beyond the average insurance company and the kind of customer service that belongs to a bygone age. We believe in taking care of our customer, from the moment you pick up the phone to ask for a quote to the moments that really matter.

Because you really find out about your insurance company when you need us, when disaster strikes and you need support. MTP Insurance has a 24-hour customer helpline manned by highly trained specialist claim advisers who will make sure you get the right advice when you need it and, more importantly, you get the action you need to prevent an unfortunate incident turning into a disaster.

MTP Insurance works with some of the nation’s biggest insurers and can offer you exclusive rates you can only access through us. We offer flexible payment terms and offer some of the most competitive premiums on the market today. Need extra cover? Just ask, and we’ll build it into your quote and provide a bespoke service.

Call today and see what we can do for you. So the next time you go to work, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that we have got you covered.