Public House Insurance

Why insuring your pub, café or restaurant is important

Setting up and running a pub, café or restaurant successfully takes many years of preparation and a lot of ongoing hard work so it would be awful if the fruits of your labours were ruined in an accident and you were not covered by insurance.

Knowing that you are adequately covered by insurance to cope with any surprises – for example staff not showing up, fridges breaking down, and insect infestations – would go along way to removing the stresses of running a smooth operation on a day-to-day basis.

Because, unfortunately things can and do go wrong and even the most meticulously applied health and safety procedures can fail to prevent accidents, having the right insurance to cover your pub or restaurant business is very important.

At MTP we offer cheap prices, great levels of cover, and great service. So contact us now for a free quote and consultation to determine what is the best cover for you and your catering operation.

The insurance we can provide to cover your pub, café or restaurant will ensure your business is both responsible and legally robust to cover anything that might happen – allowing you to focus on running the business.

Without appropriate cover, it’s easy to imagine finding yourself in a situation where you have to fund any repair work caused by an accident like a kitchen fire. With the right cover you would not have to face this unbudgeted cost.

Having comprehensive cover means that if a member of your team or even a customer on your premises is injured or comes down with food poisoning, you would not be liable to pay any fines or legal fees.

Given the nature of a business like a pub, café or restaurant there are bound to be various areas for which you want to be covered.

To help you tailor the policy to your business’s specific needs we advise the cover should include:

  • Employers, product and public liability
  • Stock, including refrigerated goods
  • Loss of licence
  • General contents, including fixtures and fittings
  • External furniture, including blinds and signs
  • Legal expenses

There should be provision to protect your revenue, in the event that the flow of business is interrupted for any reason.

Depending on whether you rent or own your premises we recommend considering cover for any buildings improvements

Whether you run a pub, a café, a fine dining restaurant, a bistro or a fast food restaurant, MTP can provide appropriate cover.

Our team is always happy to explore and discuss the variety of options available to you to seek out a policy that not only fits within your budget but also gives you peace of mind.