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Fleet insurance is a cost-effective means of protecting a fleet of commercial or personal vehicles. Put simply it is a policy that allows you to ensure that all your vehicles have a sufficient level of coverage by UK law.

The fleet need not necessarily comprise the same type of vehicle. An assortment of personal vehicles or a mix of both heavy and luxury vehicles used in businesses are usually covered in a single insurance policy, saving a lot of time and money spent on individual policies.

So why is fleet insurance so important and what are the benefits? Fleet insurance ensures adequate cover for two or more different types of vehicles, especially those owned and operated for business purposes. Large retailers, suppliers, online shops, manufacturing units, and local couriers alike all rely on road transport to cover the last mile of their supply chain, and deliver goods or services at the intended destination on schedule.

Breakdowns and accidental or deliberate damages to vehicles of a commercial fleet need immediate attention to minimise any losses incurred as a result of being off the road. Fleet insurance policies often include breakdown recovery, 24-hour support and other facilities to get the damaged vehicles back on the road at the earliest possible convenience.

The type and level of fleet insurance will of course differ considerably from one fleet to another, depending on the exact purpose and area of operation. Our fleet insurance team have extensive experience in arranging specialist fleet cover for all sizes and types of multi vehicle fleets. The cost of your cover will depend on aspects such as:

  • The number of vehicles in the fleet and their condition
  • The kind of goods transported
  • Area of operation
  • Age of drivers
Common features of fleet insurance

Fleet insurance offers various levels of coverage, right from theft and accidental damage, to third party cover to comprehensive protection from all possible risks that threaten a fleet of vehicles.

The number of vehicles covered usually range from 2 to 30.

Almost all fleet insurance schemes cover a mix of vehicles such as trucks, vans, cars, lorries and other commercial vehicles.

Additional benefits such as personal cover, medical expenses, windshield and lock replacements, cover against harmful contents, courtesy vehicles and approved repairs are also an inseparable part of fleet insurance.