Unoccupied Home Insurance

Why it’s important to insure unoccupied property

Properties can be left empty and unoccupied for a variety of reasons. It may be that a loved relative has passed away or had to go into care. Perhaps you have inherited the property or you have had to vacate the premises while it goes through a process of refurbishment.

Whatever the reason, don’t think there’s no need to cover the empty property – the need to insure an unoccupied property is paramount.

Empty properties need to be covered by buildings insurance. Leaving them uninsured could prove very costly if the properties are damaged by flood, fire or other accidents.

Indeed claims for fire damage generate the highest percentage of made for claims relating to unoccupied properties.

As a large number of buildings insurance policies specify that for cover to be in place a property cannot be left empty for more than 28 consecutive days, it is likely that a standard home insurance policy may not cover the property when it is unattended.

Homes that have been left empty are much more vulnerable to theft and damage and so adequate cover is essential.

At MTP we specialise in insurance for unoccupied homes. Our expert team is able to advise on the best cover for your circumstances. We are proud of the great rates we can offer from leading insurers as we have access to a large variety of schemes and products. We guarantee cheap prices, great levels of cover and great service.

Insurance is often the last thing on most people’s mind at difficult times or busy times like coping with the loss of a close relative or selling a home, and at MTP we recognise you may not have the energy or time to deal with any complications so our team aims to provide a hassle-free and efficient service.

Policies can also be provided for the executors of estates of people who have passed away. A property left empty after an owner has died can still be covered by insurance.

While buildings cover is all that is needed for most unoccupied home insurance, in cases where the house is still full of goods and chattels contents cover can be provided as well.

With our unrivalled experience in this field we at MTP can help establish your personal needs and provide you with an appropriate policy at the right price. Contact us now.