Courier Insurance

Plugging your details into a computer and coming back with the first number is not the way we work. In fact we’ve hand picked the staff here at MTP Insurance for their ability to think outside of the box. We’ve found this is the only way to go when it comes to delivering excellent service to you.

We know that couriers operate 24/7 running their customers’ freight up and down the country. We understand that those customers often hand over fragile items without any protective packaging and expect them delivered in pristine condition. We even get the fact that drivers who cover so many miles are at greater risk of being in an accident. That’s why we understand the need to protect your vans, your drivers, and your precious cargo. So it’s just as well that we’re on your side when it comes to finding a suitable insurance policy that doesn’t cost a fortune.

We look at each customer differently, and we leave no stone unturned until we find you the perfect insurance product. This applies equally if you’re a family run business operating in your local area, or a stock market listed company with depots all over the UK. Turnover or employee headcount have no bearing on how far we will go to find an insurance policy that protects your business, your employees and your customers at a cost that will be hard to beat.

Of course we need to be able to beat quotes from bigger players. So we have these aces up our sleeve:

  • Our staff. They’re skilled, knowledgeable and experienced. These are the guys and girls that find you the deals that other brokers aren’t good enough to spot.
  • Our experience. We’ve gained a lot of knowledge in the industry. We’ve built up our contact list. This lets us offer you special deals and discounts that simply aren’t available elsewhere.
  • Our methods. We look at the concept of risk in a completely different way to other insurers. We bring this fresh approach to every customer and make it work for them.
  • Our culture. We pride ourselves on innovation and creative thinking. Where other brokers rest on their laurels, we stay dynamic and strive for progress. That’s how we can continue to offer the best products on the market.

So get in touch today. We’ll ask you some questions and if there’s a perfect policy out there, we’ll go and find it. Because we are a team of professionals, we’re specialists in our field, and we’ve been doing it a long time.

Just like you.