Fleet Insurance

You’ve ensured that all of your drivers have a clean licence. Your driving safety policies fully comply with legislation. Your vehicles are new and are maintained in excellent condition. The one thing you can’t control, however, is that the motorists with whom your drivers share the road may not be so diligent. Drivers without a licence or insurance and vehicles fit only for scrap are common in the UK and they’re on the same piece of tarmac as your fleet.

You can’t spot or avoid them, but with one of our fleet insurance policies you can certainly plan for them.

Your fleet must of course be insured to comply with the law. You must cover your fleet if you want to do business. But we offer so much more than simply ticking a box on a sheet of paper. As insurance brokers it is our job to think outside the box in order to find the fleet insurance policy that best suits the needs of your company. Our specialist team of insurance experts are creative thinkers who leave no stone unturned in their research, so that the services and products that we can offer you are quite simply the best available. Unlike more established brokers we are not glorified data entry clerks who let their computer database make all the decisions. We assess risk differently to the norm. It is this fresh, innovative approach that allows us to offer a policy to suit the requirements of any fleet.

What can be covered under our policies?

  • Small or large fleets – If you have three vehicles or more then you’re classed as a fleet. But whether you’re a small local firm or an established multinational doesn’t matter, you’ll receive the same dedicated and personalised service.
  • Exotic / unusual vehicles – Do you have a classic or sports car for company promotion or some motorcycles for fast dispatch? No problem. We don’t restrict our services to conventional fleets. All road-legal vehicles can be insured, so we can cover them.
  • Additional features – As we approach each quote with a blank sheet of paper. we can accommodate virtually any extra requirement. Medical cover, goods-in-transit insurance and trailer policies are just a few examples of the ways we can add to your peace of mind.

Regardless of your fleet size, requirements or circumstances our team will find you the right insurance policy. You can’t clean up Britain’s roads, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave anything to chance. Get in touch today. We’ll take your details and go the extra mile.