Goods in Transit Insurance

Question: Which of the following scenarios would be covered by Goods in Transit insurance?

A) You’ve driven all day and are in your overnight hotel room when you hear the sound of breaking glass. You glance out of your window and the back door of your van has been forced open. By the time you get down to the car park your entire cargo of premium electronics has been loaded into another van and driven away.

B) You’re delivering a priceless 1950s Jaguar sports car to a show where it is to be the star attraction. A strange noise from behind you gives you the impression a trailer tyre has burst. You slow to investigate. In fact the rear tie down strap has broken. The momentum of the Jaguar on the trailer sends it slamming forward into the back of your van. The Jag’s a write-off.

C) It took longer than planned to get loaded up this morning, and your customer expected you 10 minutes ago to start fitting her windows. You’re driving quickly to make up time. Taking a corner too fast, the entire load shifts and collapses on top of your toolbox, shattering every single pane.

The correct answer is of course, D. Which represents all of the above. Of course we didn’t present that as an option, but at MTP Insurance we breed a culture of finding alternative answers. We don’t take the easy option like many other brokers and simply find you a good policy. We scour the industry, evaluating products that the mainstream providers don’t even know exist until we can give you the very best policy.

The reason we have access to exclusive insurance products is because we’re not restricted by the same guidelines that others have to work with. Providing insurance is all about evaluating where risk lies. We are proud to say that we think outside the box and examine risk from a different perspective. This allows us the luxury of considering options that would be off-limits to other companies, and gives us the edge when it comes to finding the product that is perfect for you and your fleet.

So whether delivering your own products, acting as a courier service, or simply transporting the tools and materials you need from day to day, rest assured our team of specialists will move heaven and earth to find the right product to protect your business.

Make the call to MTP today and we’ll get right onto finding your perfect policy. You’ve got enough work to do.