HGV Insurance

For businesses, trying to organise HGV insurance can be a headache. There’s all manner of rules and regulations covering what you can and cannot carry, and finding the fight policy to match your fleet and its cargo can be daunting. 

There’s also the worry about theft. What if one or more of your HGV vehicles is stolen and business is negatively impacted as a result? Some firms go to the wall in the unfortunate instance where one of their vehicles is stolen and they realise they don’t have enough insurance coverage to have it replaced. Don’t let that happen to you.

MTP Insurance takes the headache out of heavy goods vehicles cover. Our broad experience in the market and extensive contacts in the insurance industry mean we can devise a custom policy that matches your company’s exact needs. Only when you are properly insured can you relax and put your focus back on running your business.

Our professional consultants will make the process of insuring your HGV fleet as fast and efficient as possible. You can be assured of the highest level of customer service so that you — and us — are satisfied.

HGV insurance generally covers the vehicles themselves, theft of the vehicles and damage. You will also be insured against goods in transit, employer’s liability in cases where you are the owner and an employee is driving the vehicle, and public liability if you’re involved in an accident. Trucks and lorries can also be insured while delivering abroad.

MTP will devise the right policy for your fleet, at the best possible rates. We’ve been in the business for over 25 years and have many thousands of satisfied customers right around the country.

The key to our success, and our customers’ satisfaction, lies in our ability to tailor insurance packages though our work with the largest insurers in the UK, including Aviva, RSA, Zurich, Chartis and many more.

Policies can be paid over a period of time, so that your cash flow need not suffer with a lump sum needing to be paid out, and we’re always on hand to provide assistance and advice in any insurance matter.

In these frequently challenging economic times, tight control must be kept over all expenditure. That’s why every firm needs the best insurance deals in the market.

Call us today and see what we can do to help your company be better ensured and at the best possible rates.