Minibus Insurance

The minibus is a versatile workhorse, serving companies, clubs, charities and even extended families up and down the country. For many such organisations, it is a vital asset and one that they cannot do without. That makes it all the more important to get the right insurance sorted out. For any company, club or charity, finances are absolutely crucial, so getting the best deal on your minibus insurance is a must. While the cost of your minibus insurance is important, it is not the only factor you must consider, so it helps to have a very close look at the conditions of your policy.

Checking out your policy

If your minibus is vital for your business or organisation then you won’t want to be without it in the event of an accident. Accident damage could take several days or even weeks to put right and in that time you are going to have to make alternative arrangements. In this case, you will probably want to ensure that your minibus insurance has provision for a replacement vehicle to cover any time that your minibus is off the road. You should also ensure that this replacements vehicle is suitable for your needs and can carry all the people and equipment you require.

You should also consider the level of excess on your minibus insurance policy. If the minibus is being used by a charity or small club, paying a high excess in the event of an accident could be difficult. On the other hand, agreeing to a higher excess can reduce your premiums. Clearly there is a balance to be struck and talking to your broker about the best deal for your own circumstances is a good idea.

Getting the right cover

Minibuses are used in all sorts of different situations and it is important to ensure that you have the right cover for your own circumstances. If you are using the minibus for private hire, then it is vital to let your insurance company know. Similarly, if the vehicle is being used for business, your insurance company should be informed. In both of these instances, the type of use could affect your minibus insurance premiums. If the insurance company is unaware of the type of use, it may invalidate your insurance policy and lead to a claim being rejected. Clearly, then, it makes good sense to talk to an experienced broker and ensure that you get the right cover.