Truck Insurance

Those not involved with the haulage industry would have a hard time believing how much modern trucks cost. Consider also the value of your trailers, their contents and the fuel carried. Unfortunately transport managers are not the only ones with a grasp of the figures. Theft not only of trucks and their freight but also diesel from their tanks is a growing problem, and one for which no easy solution appears in sight.

You could be forgiven for thinking that getting insurance against truck crime would be a nightmare.

Your drivers are all trained professionals, and you have provided the best possible equipment. But there will always be other motorists to occupy blind spots, and a sudden side wind can catch out even the most wary. And that’s before your driver is picked out by a crash-for-cash scammer looking for an easy corporate target.

It would be easy to assume that a policy to cover all potential accidents would be very costly.

You may indeed find that quotations from most insurers are too restrictive or hugely expensive. You may even find your premiums rising but assume that most other insurers won’t be able to help. But we’re a dynamic and forward-thinking brokerage service, and we’re not like most insurers.

  • The methods we use to determine where risk lies are different to those of many mainstream brokers. Where they follow inflexible guidelines, we apply a fresh approach to each individual client.
  • Our team of insurance experts are challenged to think laterally. Innovation is vital to finding policies and products which suit not only your operational needs but also your budget.
  • We are experienced specialists and have spent years researching products and making contacts. This means we can offer new and exclusive products from sources that other brokers cannot.

Regardless of what kind of trucks keep your business running we are in a position to work for you. From seven and a half tonne flatbeds to the biggest HGVs, we can protect not only the trucks but also the drivers and the goods they carry. And no matter what special circumstances apply to your trucks, our staff will endeavour to find a policy that accommodates them perfectly at a cost that’s right for you.

Get in touch today and let us know how we can help. We’ll do all the hard work for you.